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Jan 1, 2014

29 ELUL, 5776

Prince Handley

University of Excellence
President / Regent


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There are four major sectors of Boolean commonality that have marked overlays dealing with the entry into the Last Days: forerunners of the End Times. Three (3) of these sectors have a highly positive correlation with relation to the President of the United States, Barack Obama.

For those of you who are not acquainted with the University of Excellence UofE – here is the mission statement:

The University of Excellence is an online study forum for the end times enabling the serious seeker with advanced instruction, intel, and prophecy for personal growth, cross cultural communications, and international strategies.

All sectors of the geopolitical spectrum are analyzed for Boolean logic commonalities in relation to trends and issues. Those with highly positive correlation of linear regression are brought into focus and subject to more critical analysis.

The four sectors, which are strictly objective studies, are as follows:

Family Fidelity

Fallen Spirits

False Treaties

False Messiah

It is the purpose of this teaching to provide you with a skeletal acquaintance of these sectors so that you may know:

Where you are at;

Where you are going;

Know what's happening today; and,

Know what's happening in the future.

Be like the Bereans and the sons of Issachar: search the scriptures AND have an understanding of the times!





Lots has been written of the unfaithfulness of men as the head of the family unit; however, not much concerning infidelity as associated with the woman (the wife or mother). There can be several reasons for infidelity on the part of the wife:

Way of revenge
Boredom and curiosity
Proving they are still desirable
Chasing a dream of ideal romance
Cheating to cause a change or breakup

However, the man (the husband or father), as a model of God, is to be not only a strong leader … but also a healer thru:


It takes a STRONG person to override the infidelity of the other mate; however, this can be carried out even by a “weak” person who trusts in the “strength” of God. “Let the weak say 'I am strong.'” (Tanakh: Joel 3:10)

CAVEAT: Many times the offended mate “rebounds” and commits the same infidelity as “payback.” The key determinants should be:

What is BEST for –

The Kingdom of God;
The family; and,
The future.

However, under the emotions of hurt, anger, jealousy and the desire for revenge, the wisdom to do the right thing is not often heeded.

I knew a rabbi with a strong anointing of God who was deceived by evil spirits and committed adultery several times with different women. When he realized by the direction of the Holy Spirit that it was for the good of the children to have TWO parents, he tried to make amends and bring the family back together with healing … but by that time the wife had a boyfriend sleeping with her in the house with the children and a couple of “druggies” living in the garage. The mother, who claimed to be a believer, refused to forgive and allow the family to be back together, and subsequently filed for divorce. This absolutely threw the children into turmoil.

There are two key principles here: 1. It's hard to submit to what you don't RESPECT; and, 2. You can't sacrifice what you have LOST.

Had the wife in the true life example above simply obeyed the scriptural admonition for believers – followers of the Way – the family unit would have been saved and the children would have SEEN living proof of God's restoration power and love.

Now to the married I command, yet not I but the Lord: a wife is not to depart from her husband.

But even if she does depart, let her remain unmarried or be reconciled to her husband. And a husband is not to divorce his wife.”

I don't need to share the statistics with you that today HALF of Christian marriages end in divorce. But let me share something with you that should wake you up!

POSTULATE #1: Two (2) of the four (4) sectors of Boolean commonality we are discussing in this teaching are – or will be – directly related in the Last Days (the End Times of Planet Earth) to the first sector discussed here, Family Fidelity. Those two are as follows:

Fallen Spirits, and

False Messiah.

POSTULATE #2: The current President of the USA, Barack Obama, has an “overlay” of a highly positive correlation of linear regression to the following:

Disruption of Family Fidelity; and,

Patterns of social underpinning attributed to the coming False Messiah (the anti-Christ).


EDITOR'S NOTE – Before you judge this strictly objective study or any personal association to me as the writer-reporter, please note TWO things: 1. I am NOT a Republican, Democrat or Libertarian. I have voted for all three of these parties in the past; and 2. I pray for President Obama, his wife Michelle, and their daughters Malia and Sasha every day. How about you?


There are patterned socialization characteristics of the above-mentioned two postulates. But for now, let's continue with both analyses and prophecies concerning the “Israel and The 4 F's of the Last Days.”

FAMILY FIDELITY: We have discussed the family fidelity sector in a practical yet spiritual aspect above. But now let me speak prophetically. A great dichotomy of offensives will soon start to happen in the FAMILY structure. At the same time the true family structure of man and woman is being eroded by same sex marriage, there will be a revitalization of holy family structures: a revival … a spiritual bonding … a godly melting together of the REAL family. Many previously divorced couples will re-unite in marriage. Many family and inter-personal relationships will be healed.

There will be the ministry of Eliyahu (Elijah) the prophet that will “turn the hearts of the fathers to the children and the hearts of the children to their fathers.” -- Tanakh: Mál'akhî (Malachi) 4:5-6

FALLEN SPIRITS: There will be satanic combinations: “demonic doubles” working increasingly in the end-times.

Demonic Double #1 – Islam and politically oriented leftist-socialists. These will work unwittingly with Islam for a while … until which time the Islamic Caliphate starts attacking them, also. Why do leftists work with Islamists? Because they both hate Jews and real Christians, Israel and the USA foundations based upon Judeo-Christian heritage.

Demonic Double #2 – Religion and Demons. These will establish strongholds in the European Union and work from within to then attack outwardly against Israel, the Jews and real Christians.

Here's a “sleeper” for you to watch: Germany. Just as under Nazi control during World War II, many people did NOT speak up against the political attacks against real Christians and Jews … especially the Jews … this type of attack will increase in Germany. Here is a report from as far back as January, 2012: German anti-Semitism deep rooted in society. You will see that Hungary, Portugal and Poland are also becoming more anti-Semitic. WHY? The same regional strongholds of “religion” and “demons” – when working in combination – become synergistic in their offensives.

The same demon spirits that operated in Nazi Germany are still ALIVE today. Demons do NOT die. They are disembodied spirits that seek to inhabit live bodies: human or animal.

MY PROPHECY: A dichotomy of spiritual offensives will evolve from Germany. One will be powerful and apostolic prophetic ministries (such as Reinhard Bonnke) who will preach to millions. The other will be end-time works orchestrated for use by anti-Christ to suppress Jews and real Christians in the end-time.

Fallen spirits will begin to inter-breed with humans while … at the same time … through use of genome altering implants on “willing” subjects to prepare a “submissive leadership core” for the anti-Christ as he implements his system of political, economic and military control on Planet Earth. These “willing subjects” MAY be from a DOUBLE source:

1. Politically expedient recipients of the “Mark of the Beast: his mark, or his name, or the number of his name.” Those who will take the “mark” so they can buy or sell or carry on commerce; and, those who did not want to be beheaded for not taking the mark. (See Brit Chadashah: Revelation Chapter 13.)

2. Some feel these will be willing subjects of alien abduction who receive genome altering implants. I do NOT believe so (however, it is a possibility). There are other more scripturally based options as to HOW people may receive the genome altering implants or hybridization.

Much research is being carried out today in areas of development of a “hybrid” species: i.e., harvesting of human fetuses. Remember, there was gene pool corruption in Noah's day which resulted in God destroying the whole earth by the Great Flood; only 8 righteous souls were left: Noah, his wife, his three sons and their wives. The “sons of God” took wives of those whom they chose. (Notice: the “sons of God” never refers to “believers” in the Tanakh, the Old Testament.)

1 Peter 3:19-20, 2 Peter 2:4-5 and Jude 6 refer to the fallen angels who procreated with the daughters of man in the Days of Noah (before the Flood). This resulted in the “Nephilim:” “the fallen ones” … or … “ones who cause others to fall.” We know from scripture that the “fallen angels” who took to themselves the “daughters of men” (associated timewise with the Days of Noah and the Great Flood) have been bound in everlasting chains for their just judgment of everlasting fire.

However, the offspring of the “fallen angels” – the Nephilim – were drowned in the Great Flood. That is, their bodies drowned; however, their spirits could be the demons we read about in the Brit Chadashah (the New Testament). Demons never die!

The development of a hybrid species in the end times – through which the anti-Christ MAY derive his submissive leadership core – could well be the result of fallen spirit forces (demons) facilitating the same, rather than aliens from another planet. These fallen spirit forces (demons) may be from extra-dimensional time-space: not from other planets, but from a megaverse (outside our traditonal concept of space-time continuum).

FALSE TREATIES: These are treaties designed by Satan to prepare the way for the reception of his agent: the false messiah (anti-Christ). These are treaties based upon “wind.” They have NO substance … they are or may be easily broken … and have no practical or pragmatic “teeth.” One typical example is the recent agreement between USA, Russia and Syria (Obama and Putin) concerning the destruction of chemical weapons.

Just as a side note, I told Israel in August, 2008, NOT be deceived by (then) current peace talks by Olmert and Assad. At that time Obama and US wanted to force Israel into negotiations with Damascus. I warned Israel NOT to do it. Listen to (or read show notes) of my podcast: "Israel, New Forces in Middle East Parlance."

False treaties will increasingly be made between sharply contradicting nations, cultures, philosophies and national interest groups. The major mission of the U of E is to utilize Boolean logic to analyze such happenings in current geopolitical processes.

The mainstream populace of the world is uneducated as regards geopolitical processes. By the way, read this 1912 Junior High exam from the state of Kentucky, USA. Is it any wonder the Chinese are overtaking the USA economically?

FALSE MESSIAH: I believe the “false messiah” (anti-Christ) is alive today. I also believe he is operating in governmental and political circles today. I believe he does NOT yet know exactly his role as governed by Satan. I believe he has NOT yet been incarnated by Satan. However, I believe he willingly deceives the populace over whom he governs, as well as other nations … and has – even at this time – the goal of “world leader.” This goal will finally morph into the goal of “world domination” as his body becomes overtaken and incarnated by Satan.

The “false messiah” will claim to solve the world's problems, to heal the Israeli-Arab land dispute and allow the Jews to built their temple in Jerusalem on the Temple Mount.

When the coming world leader – appointed by the New World Governance – takes over, he will make a treaty (a covenant) with Israel for seven years. Today, in addition to disease and famine issues, the leaders of the dominant nations are concerned with three (3) primary factors:

Attaining peace among nations and ethnic groups;

Guaranteeing the flow of oil; and,

Stopping terrorism and conflict in the Middle East (especially between Israel and the Palestinians).

And the chief bargaining factor will be the city of Jerusalem.

Remember, the false messiah (the anti-Christ) will make a seven year treaty with Israel, and in the middle of the seven years he will break the treaty, go into the Jewish Temple (which he will allow to be built on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem as part of the stipulations of the treaty) and desecrate it by declaring that he is god. This will begin the worst “Holocaust” the Jewish People and Israel have ever experienced.

SUMMARY: The four F's that are important for Israel ... and YOU ... to watch for are:

Family Fidelity

Fallen Spirts

False Treaties

False Messiah

Now you know HOW to discern the times with accuracy. Tell your friends!

Watch and pray … that you may be accounted worthy to stand before the Son of Man (Yeshua HaMashiach) and to escape the things that are coming upon the earth. Above all, if you do NOT know the Messiah, PRAY and ask Him into your life as your LORD; ask Him to direct you and fill you with His Holy Spirit (Ruach HaKodesh).

Baruch haba b'Shem Adonai.

Your friend,

Prince Handley
President / Regent
University of Excellence

Podcast time: 18 minutes, 55 seconds.

Copyright 2014 Prince Handley
All rights reserved


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