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May 21, 2012


Prince Handley
President / Regent


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For the rest of this decade, technology will be the predominant driver, both as the underpinning and centroid of influence of: 1. The economy; 2. The eco-protective planet model with green friendly innovation and regulation; and, 3. Terrorism.


Concerning employment, the three (3) major “safe zones” in the Western world will be: 1. Healthcare; 2. Government (including the military and police forces); and, 3. Education.


The Boolean-centric model pictured above is purposefully NOT shown as a peripheral symmetry circumscribing “Technology” because … as represented visually … the three driven modules are paradoxically both: 1. Supported AND dependent upon the driving force of technology; and, 2. Organically developed as an outgrowth “child” of Technology.




In the USA, the winner of the November 6, 2012, Presidential election will be the one who most effectively convinces the populace that he or she can tackle the three (3) sub-domains above (Economy, Green and Terrorism), while effectively guaranteeing the protection, intellectual privacy, and practice of the Technology sectors of public, political, and professional modules of society.


The Achilles Heel – unknown by frontrunners at this time – will prove to be “Cyberspace” and the “promise” by the winning contender to PROTECT and maintain the FREEDOM of use of the Cyberspace – viz-a-viz the Internet - for the following elements of USA society: citizenry, industry, education, healthcare and government; and, to protect these elements from outside, international world powers and institutions: viz., the UN, rogue nations, and intellectual pirates.




The contender for the USA Presidency who wins the election will also be the one who most convincingly promises to unwaveringly help and defend Israel. However, there is a CAVEAT: If that person later turns their back on Israel and does NOT keep their promise, the USA will suffer dire judgment. Also, that President will suffer manifest judgment from God.




In this BOOLEAN Blog, unlike previous ones, we have deleted search and reference to any personalities, nations and governments: political, military or other influential persons or nations. The reason being, we wanted to see what the geo-political and socio-economic landscape of the Planet was manifesting. Also, commodities and production were not reported on as they are sub-sectors of the economy.


Following is a structured but brief overview of trend topography leading to the short term future.


·         Marketing will be more play and game interactive.

·         Previously more long-term and harder-to-make decisions will be replaced by faster response actions with less commitments. (Renting vs. buying.)

·         Technology will become an even more integral part of the lives of MOST people. (Eating, prayer, recreation.)

·         People will begin to segment their lives so that “packets” of non-tech time will be allocated.

·         Retail (successful retail) will become a “Third Space” … or, “Third Place” experience. Read about Ron Sher’s “Third Places.” Also, read about “The Strength of Weak Ties.” (Click here for flowchart overview.)

Note: Home is the first place; work is the second place.

·         Dichotomous flight. Population flight in the West (western world) will be to opposite ends of the polar range: Flight to urban areas and flight to rural areas. (Hint: Water wins in the long run!)

·         In the Third World and developing nations, flight is to mega-cities.

·         Marketing will be directed by companies, products, brands and advertisers to partner in urban renewal and environment.

·         Technology will also be intertwined as follows:

A.      The digital world and the real world will meld together.

B.      Digital systems with intelligence will be part of our the lifestyle in high-tech nations.

C.      Humans will use tech systems as check and balances for self-control due to increased dependence on technology.; i.e., help with diets, anger, recreation. (CAVEAT: In this sense, technology can become a two-edged sword otherwise called “addiction.”)



Ironic as it may seem, the last sentence above (Technology may become a two-edged sword …”) may be an entrance to a mind-gallery of what actually portends the result of the organic fusion of Technology with Economy, Green and Terrorism.


What is even more surprising, and may be even more a portend of the future, is that the purview of the BOOLEAN arteries discussed in this BLOG-study show a highly positive correlation of linear regression with end times prophecy, as described below.




A techno-image of the coming World Leader will be created and people will be commanded to worship the image. Those who do NOT worship the image will be killed. A false prophet – the religious head of the world - will be chosen by the New World Leader to direct these activities.


Citizens worldwide will be ordered to receive a mark (microchip, laser, implant or ID) on either their right hand or foreheads. No person will be able to BUY or SELL unless they have this Mark of Technology.


Great famine, hyperinflation and economic depression will come upon the earth in the coming years and these conditions will prepare the way for a World Leader to be chosen: a (false) messiah who will seemingly have the answer to peace, economic stability, government and a one world religion.




One-fourth (25%) of world population will die from war, famine, disease, and wild animals.

One-third of trees and green grass will be burned up on Planet Earth. (This hurts the food supply.)

One-third of the sea turns red from a giant burning volcano and one-third of sea animals and one-third of ships are destroyed. (This hurts distribution of products.)

One-third of the rivers, streams and springs become poisoned due to a meteorite stirking the earth. (This hurts the drinking water.)

One-third of the sun, moon and stars become darkened. (This hurts work and production.)


Later … more terrible things happen to the rivers, springs and ocean.




Islamic terrorism is one of the KEY elements of concern to people and nations. It will be the catalyst to people wanting … even crying out for … a one world government to help contain it. The Qur’an, the Islamic guide for Muhammed’s followers, calls for Christians and Jews to be murdered. National leaders like Achmadinejad of Iran, believe that in order for the 12th Imam (the so-called Islamic messiah) to appear, world chaos must first be in place. And, sadly enough, that is the goal of Achmadinejad.


What is more saddening, is that many young Muslim children are taught the precept of hating Christians and Jews. Some young Muslim children are even being prepared as suicide bombers. An interesting fact is that beheading … decapitation … as was carried out in the death of journalist Daniel Pearl (which was shown on Arabic TV) is a common practice taught by the precepts of Islam’s so-called “holy” book.


Islam will likely be the catalyst which will bring about the New Global Governance, an amalgam of 10 region states. New Babylon will arise from this 10 nation compact and become the center of world commerce with the support and authorization of Turkey and the 10 region World Authority.


Even more important to realize is that anti-Messiah (the anti-Christ) will probably be of the Islamic Caliphate and will order the execution by cutting off the heads of all who do NOT make a decision to follow Islam.


Prophecies in the Book of Daniel, which foretold the sequence of conquering empires from Babylon, to Medo-Persia, to the Greeks, and ultimately to Rome have each followed the Biblical scenario, with each previous kingdom overthrown as prophesied and taken over by the subsequent one. Rome, or the Old Roman Empire, was the 4th kingdom, which was left divided (the 10 toes) ... and to evidently be re-aligned in the last days before Messiah returns. It is interesting to note that the Eastern sector of the Roman Empire lasted another 1,000 years and had its capital in what is now modern Turkey. This geopolitical entity (EU plus Turkey) will be instrumental in the New World Governance in the last days.


1. Islam is the religious system that fits the pattern in the Holy Bible for the anti-Christ system.

2. The Mahdi (the 12th Imam) may be the anti-Christ (false Messiah).

3. The Muslim "Jesus" is the same as the False Prophet of the Holy Bible
and comes to kill Christians and Jews and ALL who do not submit to Islam.

4. Muslims refer to the Mahdi as Sahib Al-Zaman "The lord of the age."
This is exactly what the Holy Bible calls Satan: "The lord of the age."

5. In the Muslim Qur'an, Allah brags by calling himself “Khayrul-Makireen”
which literally means “The Greatest of All Deceivers.” (Qur’an 3:54)




Technology will be the “two edged sword” which … while underpinning and guiding us through the challenges of economy, green and terrorism … will provide us with the “mark” of the beast.




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