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May 27, 2008

PODCAST SATELLITE  /  The Voice of Israel
with Prince Handley

Prince Handley


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Specific details of HOW God draws Russia and Iran, including their allies, to attack Israel ... and WHY Israel might be attacked at this very present time by Syria. I back them up with research. A war between Israel and probably ALL of the Middle East will happen, not just bordering Arab states like Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan. Israel will CONTROL the East Bank of Jordan ... also, the Arab nations of Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Kuwait, Bahrain, UAE, and others.

In the last podcast we discussed how God draws Russia and Iran to attack Israel ... and WHY this battle will be different than the Battle of Armageddon.

We discussed that Israel will be positioned into a force of prosperity and power: an international "sign" to the nations!

You might wonder HOW ths will happen if you’ve been keeping up with the news this week.

    PM Olmert is acting against national interest and is positioning Israel in great danger.
    The Syrian foreign minister has said that PM Olmert agreed to cede the entire Golan and pull back to the pre-1967 war lines. This is land that was not only WON by the blood of Israelis ... but was PROMISED by G-d to Israelis!
    Olmert is NOT of sufficient mental freedom at this time, due to his own corruption scandal to negotiate anything of importance in Israel’s name ... especially a peace treaty with enemies and liars (who will never keep a treaty).
    Due to political realignment in Lebanon,  Hizballah’s armed militia now has the right to stockpile their own weapons armory.
    Plus, Syria is not so much worried about Israel’s ground movements or armor. Syria is now trying to purchase  missile, air and navy weapons to gain strategic superiority over Israel:  Iskander-E missiles, MigG29SMT fighter-bombers and Amur-class submarines.
    Syria and Iran both  support these two: Hizbullah and Hamas.

But ... I have GOOD NEWS for you.

A war between Israel and probably ALL of the Middle East will happen, not just bordering Arab states like Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan.

In Isaiah Chapter 11, verses 12-16 we read a description of a war that will happen BEFORE Messiah comes to earth again (the second time). The first 11 verses tell us about Messiah's return and his rule of peace on earth. Verses 12-16 cannot happen during this time because Messiah's reign is characterized by peace. Another distinctive feature of the prophecy in verses 12-16 is that the war therein described has not happened historically

This position of prosperity and power will be part of the "hook" in the jaw that God uses to draw the powers from the north (Russian and her allies) to wage war against Israel.

 Israel will "fly down upon the shoulder of the Philistines (the Palestinians) to the west". In context Israel will strike against Egypt and Iraq (Assyria) and "plunder the people of the East". Israel will CONTROL these nations, and evidently, their WEALTH as a result of the plundering. Lexicographically, the "people of the East" include the Arab nations of Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Kuwait, Bahrain, UAE, and others.

It is very evident here (in this passage) that Israel will CONTROL the East Bank of Jordan (Ammon, Moab, and Edom). This happened in Joshua's time and has NOT happened SINCE the days of Isaiah. This is a future prophecy that WILL happen!

The extreme wealth that Israel will control will be one of the things G-d uses to draw the northern confederacy described in Ezekiel.  (See the TANACH: Ezekiel 38:4-5, 39:2 and Ezekiel 38:10-12.)

Notice … it is G-d that  DRAWS the enemy from the north (Russia, and her allies: Iran and others. … He puts "hooks in their jaws and leads them out with their armies."

Also, any of the following reasons God might use to draw the northern power(s) at this present time:

    Israel's present wealth (its people);
    Israel's scientific superiority;
    Israel's strategic geo-military positioning;
    Israel's previous victories over Islamic / Arabic factions.


In addition to the FUTURE WEALTH that Israel will control, as I described previously, there is also a present wealth of potential in the people of Israel.

The following interview of Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu by The Jerusalem Post was distributed by Netanyahu's office on or about  Monday May 4th, 1998.

Q: "Will there ever be another decade in which a million Jews immigrate to Israel?"

A: "It is possible, and I would like to see it come from the West. Israel has just achieved the per capita income of Western Europe, and has more scientists, technicians, technologists - relative to the size of the population - than any other country. This is potentially the source of great wealth, because wealth in the 21st century will be created by conceptual products.

Look at the wealthiest man in the world today, Bill Gates. Nobody can count his billions. But what we do know is how much he had 10 years ago: close to zero. [Editor’s note: now 20 years]. This is the greatest multiplication of wealth in history. And what is true of individuals is true of nations, too. Those nations will thrive that have the ability to manipulate knowledge in every field of human endeavor, and I believe that we are very fortunate to have that kind of advantage. Therefore I think that Israel could - fasten your seat belts - be a very wealthy country, and I think that as the standard of living rises, it will begin to attract Jews from the West.

It already is attracting Jews from parts of Great Britain that have a lower per capita income than Israel does. I believe it will attract many Jews from South America, and many remaining Jews in Russia who are concentrated in the Moscow area, and who are doing better than they did before, but will do even better here. And I believe that we will see in the next 10 years a much larger immigration of Jews from North America.

Clearly, I would like to see all that immigration motivated first and foremost by Zionist ideals. But I also know that the span of this immigration would increase significantly if Israel is transformed, as we are rapidly transforming, into a liberal, free-market economy and society."


Israel has more scientists per capita than Switzerland.


When I was younger I enjoyed playing the game of "Risk". It is a simulated military game where each opponent utilizes military forces in different geographical confines, and then plans strategy from these bases, as well as from any new conquered positions. I learned after several games that whenever I controlled Israel I always won!

Israel is located at a KEY geo-military position. Geographically, it is the land hub of Europe, the Near East, the Far East, the Middle East, and Africa. It is also the place where Yeshua, the Messiah of Israel, will return to earth at His Second Appearance.


In the 1967 "Six Day War" (when Israel was attacked) the victories were of Biblical proportions (and, over the same general enemy). By the end of the war, Israel had conquered enough territory to more than triple the size of the area it controlled, from 8,000 to 26,000 square miles. The victory enabled Israel to unify Jerusalem (See footnote 1). Israeli forces had also captured the Sinai, Golan Heights (See footnote 2), Gaza Strip (See footnote 3) and West Bank (See footnote 4).

Israel now ruled more than three-quarters of a million Palestinians, most of whom were hostile to the government. Nevertheless, more than 9,000 Palestinian families were reunited in 1967. Ultimately, more than 60,000 Palestinians were allowed to return (See footnote 5).

In the 1973 Yom Kippur War the Jews were attacked on their religious holy day, the Day of Atonement, while fasting. Egypt and Syria launched the Yom Kippur War (See footnote 6) in a coordinated attack that confronted the IAF with its harshest challenge to date. Denied permission for a pre-emptive strike, IAF fighters scrambled off the runways in defense of Israel's skies. They dumped their bombs into the sea ... bombs that might have been able to change the course of the war even before it began.

The desperate situation on both fronts did not leave the IAF with the time required to neutralize the enemy's surface-to-air missile (SAM) threats. Indeed, the majority of the IAF's war losses occurred above the heavily defended front lines, while supporting ground forces during the first few days of fighting. Marshaling its forces, the IAF struck back at its ground-based adversary. Israeli fighters and Arab missile sites engaged in mutual bloodletting, like prize fighters slugging it out toe-to-toe.

In one operation alone, the IAF lost 6 planes while destroying only one Syrian SAM. On the Western front the IAF destroyed 32 Egyptian SAM sites and damaged 11 more. Phantoms (See footnote 7) brought the war home to the Syrian capital, striking Damascus and other strategic targets. Israel fighters clawed their way toward air superiority, bombing Syrian and Egyptian airfields which, unlike in '67, were now hardened against attack.

Most enemy aircraft survived these attacks but IAF fighters still destroyed more than 450 enemy planes, mostly in dogfights. In fact, the IAF's air combat (won-loss) record for 1973 was twice as good as it had been during the 1967 Six Day War (See footnote 8). As a result, the enemy had to concentrate his sorties in defense of his own backyard. Of the few enemy planes which attacked inside Israel, not one succeeded in striking and returning (See footnote 9)!




After Moshe had spent many weeks in the presence of G-d, he came down to the camp and found the people worshiping the golden calf. (Torah, Exodus Chapter 32)

In the Torah, Exodus Chapters 32 and 33 we read of the account when Moshe returned to the LORD in the mount to intercede for the children of Israel after they had partied and worshiped the golden calf.

Then Moses went back up to be with G-d for 40 days and nights, fasting, writing upon the tables the Covenant, the Ten Commandments. During this time he interceded with G-d for four (4) things:

    1. That G-d would spare the children of Israel, and not destroy them.

    2. That G-d would forgive the children of Israel their sin and idolatry.

    3. That G-d would go before them with His presence on their journey.

    4. That G-d would allow Moses the privilege of seeing His glory.

As a result of Moshe’s intercession, the LORD turned from His fierce wrath which he had determined to do to the children of Israel, and He gave Moshe a promise.

The LORD said “ ... I will do marvels, such as have not been done in all the earth, nor in any nation ...”  (Exodus 34:10). The Hebrew word here used for “marvels” is “pala.” It is a primitive root which means “miracles ... real miracles ... wonderful acts.”

What Israel needs is a leader who will seek after the face of G-d: one who pays the price to know the will of G-d for Israel at each turn.  A man or woman (like Deborah) that will earn the respect of the Israelis.

Israel needs a selfless (SELF LESS) leader who will pray and fast to break the powers of darkness that would destroy Israel at this time.

There are many end time prophecies that pertain to Israel ...  I mentioned some today (Ezekiel 38 and 39, Isaiah 11:12-16); however, in any generation there are people ... called of G-d ... who are to pray, fast, and work hand-in-hand with God for the salvation of Israel. Are you one?!

For your further study, I have included footnotes in the show notes of this podcast to which you may refer.

I trust you have enjoyed this series. You and I are living in the most exciting time: the time for which God has prepared us from our mother's womb! Watch and pray!!

Prince Handley

References below are for the footnotes cited above.

    1. Jerusalem
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    5. Encyclopedia American, Annual 1968, p. 366.
    6. Yom Kippur War
    7. Phantom
    8. Six Day War
    9. Israel Defense Forces

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