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Aug 19, 2009

PODCAST SATELLITE  -  The Voice of Israel
with Prince Handley


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Background of Rabbi Meir Kahane (founder of the Jewish Defense League) and King Solomon. A comparison of the USA with Israel after King Solomon died. Advice regarding: 1. Israel; and, 2. the present and future economy.




In 1975 I talked to Rabbi Meir Kahane's wife, Libby, on the phone in Jerusalem. She told me he was in New York. I changed my flight via Jerusalem to London to Chicago, and instead flew later to Frankfurt and then New York City. I wanted to help Kahane, who was the founder of the JDL (Jewish Defense League). Miraculously, when I was seated at the airport in New York, the man seated right next to me on the left was reading (I think) the New York Times. When I glanced at it, on the front page was an article about the arrest of Meir Kahane for carrying a firearm. I asked the man if I could borrow his newspaper briefly and found the name of Rabbi Kahane's attorney: Barry Slosberg? … or, Barry Slotsky? (I forget.) I called the attorney's office and spoke to the secretary. I told her I would be willing to speak in Meir Kahane's defense and give him a place to live with me and my family while awaiting trial.

I wanted to help Kahane see a BETTER way to help Israel and the Jewish People. A way that would be pleasing to the LORD, and not one of bloodshed (except, of course, in the case of war, self defense, or helping defend the innocent). After Kahane had met with … and came to know … my friend, John (Jan) Willem van der Hoeven, he told him: “I now know who the real Christians are.” Rabbi Kahane said, “The real Christians (not those by just name or denomination or religious affiliation) are those who have experienced Messiah and who love Israel and the Jewish People.”

I was not able to provide the assistance, and have often wondered what the change in course of Rabbi Meir Kahane's life … and his family … would have been had I been successful.


King Solomon ruled in equity and mercy. He loved and honored the LORD. However, after the death of King Solomon in 931 BCE, their was civil war and the Kingdom was divided. They were prosperous and had a strong military. However, the Northern kingdom fell into gross idolatry and over a period of 200 years there were nine (9) different dynasties. (Compare this to the Southern Kingdom of Judah where there was only one dynasty: of the family of David.) None of the kings in the Northern Kingdom (Israel / Ephraim) were good.

This 200 year period may be compared to the present day USA: prosperous (until recently); a strong military; and, a beacon of hope for the world. However, like the Northern Kingdom of Israel, the USA has turned its back on the LORD. For 200 years, the USA honored G-d publicly: in schools, in courts, in government.

But … like the Northern Kingdom, the USA now finds NO favor with the LORD. Why? 1. Abortion clinics and government funding of the same (4,000 babies were murdered yesterday); 2. Prayer and Bible reading taken out of schools; 3. Wickedness in the media. 4. Government corruption; and 5. Deception on the part of leaders.



Israel is getting stronger … but the USA is getting weaker. So WHY is Israel letting the US tell it what to do?! Read the Show Notes of (or listen to) my podcast of August 4, 2009: “Israel and Bibi: Beware the Five Blind Mice.” You will find my admonition to the leadership of Israel. Surprisingly, ex-Presidential candidate, Mike Huckabee, two weeks later (August 17) said in relation to the settlement issue basically the same thing I did: “My question is how would the government of the United States feel if Prime Minister Netanyahu began to dictate which people could live in the Bronx, which ones could live in Manhattan, and which could live in Queens?” “I’m not sure where we would get the authority to demand of the Israelis what they should do in their own country.”

Asked if he would support an Israeli military strike against Iran, Huckabee said he “would support Israel doing whatever Israel needs to protect [itself].” He added that the United States would never want anybody to tell it the boundaries of how it can protect itself. “I think we can certainly advise as a friend to Israel,” he explained, “but we have no right to dictate and outright tell another country what it should or shouldn’t do. Heck, we don’t do that with North Korea!” Notice, this is basically the same comment I made two weeks earlier (August 4: “Never let your wife's lover tell you how to treat your wife! Bibi and Israel, stop letting people – the US, the EU, and the UN – tell you how to run your government. The US will NOT even tell North Korea, Iran, and Venezuela how to run their governments.”

Israel, use the “kahunas” G-d has given you. Do what you have to and STOP letting the UN, the US, and the EU tell you what to do.



Bibi and Israel, stop leaning on foreign alliances. President Obama will NOT support you in the final outcome. He will turn his back on you. Again, do NOT let Iran gain time via negotiations or any other means. You can NOT trust them. They want to annihilate you.

Just today, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, several hours before his scheduled meeting  with U.S. President Barack Obama, said that the Arab world will not make any gestures towards Israel until a regional treaty is signed. A Middle East peace pact must include Israeli agreement on the Arab demand for the right of millions of foreign Arabs to immigrate to Israel and the demand that the Palestinian Authority have control over all of eastern Jerusalem, Egyptian officials said.

Remember what the LORD G-d has instructed you, Israel. “Take heed to yourself, lest you make a covenant with the inhabitants of the land where you go, lest it be for a snare in the midst of thee.” (Torah: Exodus 34:12)


USA will foreclose on ONE MILLION homes in three (3) months. Next month 360,000 will be foreclosed. The US Government … and the US President … lie to the American people concerning the economy. Obama promised (among other things) during his campaign to always give the American public five (5) days to review any new legislation; however, he slipped through a trillion dollar bill during a holiday. This is what America deserves for electing a socialist-Marxist community organizer with NO experience in business, economics, military, or finance.

Remember what I have warned you:

This year, 2009, will appear that things are settling out on the economic scene. Hold on!

In 2010 things will start to fall apart again.

The Obama stimulus package will NOT be effective past 2009. The market will take a precipice dive.

For the next five (5) to seven (7) years after 2009 you are in for HARD TIMES.

The housing market will bottom out late 2012 to early 2013.

It is inevitable that the US Dollar will die – so will the EURO.

A NEW currency will evolve – a GLOBAL CURRENCY – with basis on precious metals, commodities, or real estate.

For details on the economy and HOW to survive until 2015, listen to (or read the Show Notes of) my podcast January 27, 2009, titled: “Israel: Investments and Economy – Surviving the Next 7 years.”



In the late 60's the slogan was: “Turn on – Tune in – Drop out!” Young people from all over the world came to Haight-Ashbury in San Francisco and Sunset Strip in Hollywood. Catholic young people were fed up with Catholicism … Protestant young people were fed up with Protestantism … Jewish young people were fed up with Judaism. The LORD raised me up at that time to reach out to thousands of these young people. When all seemed like loss … in the darkest hour … the Ruach Elohim (the Holy Spirit) descended … and multiplied thousands of teen age and university age young people had a definitive experience with the greatest revolutionary who ever lived: the Messiah of Israel, Yeshua ha Meshiach. Many went back to their families and homes and countries … to their synagogues and cathedrals and churches … and were an instrument of positive, spiritual change in society.

Adam and Eve started the first religion in their attempt to be right with G-d. After man sinned in the Garden by disobeying G-d, Adam and Eve used leaves to cover their nakedness: to hide their consciousness of sin. However, the Creator G-d shed the BLOOD of innocent animals to cover them with the skins of animals. This was a picture – a type – of the Atonement:

“For the life of the flesh is in the blood: and I have given it to you upon the altar to make an atonement for your souls: for it is the blood that makes an atonement for the soul.” (Torah: Leviticus 17:11)

G-d has ordained that the BLOOD be the covering for sin. By the mercy of G-d, and through His love for us, the one time FINAL supreme sacrifice for sin has been made. When the spotless Lamb of G-d, Yeshua the Messiah, died on the cross stake in our place … for our sins … God's judgment was satisfied. “By his stripes we have been healed.” (Tanakh: Isaiah Chapter 53)

It was the Gentiles who judged him and the Gentiles who killed him. But all – both Jew and Gentile – can now come to God by faith in His Atonement for us.

Baruch haba b'Shem Adonai.

Your friend,
Prince Handley


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