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May 6, 2008

PODCAST SATELLITE  /  The Voice of Israel
with Prince Handley

Prince Handley


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A war between Israel and probably ALL of the Middle East will happen, not just bordering Arab states like Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan: the Palestinians, Egypt, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Kuwait, Bahrain, UAE, and others. In this podcast I show you WHY. In subsequent shows I will show you HOW.



The Middle East conflict … the Israeli-Arab dispute … is at its essence thousands of years old. It is a spiritual conflict: the political aspects of which are merely the symptoms.

The beautiful thing is, and which many of us know, that both sides can WIN. Individuals on both sides of the geo-cultural battleground can win by yielding to the headship of Yeshua, God's Messiah for all nations.

National entities may clash, but individuals can find PEACE. I have had tremendous fellowship with Egyptian, Israeli, and Arab brethren in the Lord for many years. When Egyptian, Israeli, and Arab brethren love each other and all have similar major goals … to see the LOVE of God heal people and the POWER of God deliver them … then you have a benchmark from which to measure. These are NOT goals of homicide and terrorism. You know a tree by its fruit. You have a model for nations and cultures to emulate.

Neither is this an offshoot of the ecumenical movement, where different theologies who have different ideas or philosophies of how to reach God, or to contact him, attempt unity in the flesh. What I’m talking about is a TRUE fellowship of people, in the Holy Spirit, who have experienced God through His Son, Yesua Ha Meshiach: Jesus the Anointed One.


Also, those who have experienced a genuine NEW BIRTH through the Messiah can do something that NONE of the cults, the occult, or the so-called New Age adherents can do: Yeshua's followers can PLEASE God! However, even though we can have peace individually and KNOW the TRUE GOD, the scriptures do show us that there will be a final Israeli-Arab war.

In Isaiah Chapter 11, verses 12-16, we read a description of a war that will happen BEFORE Messiah comes to earth again (the second time). The first 11 verses tell us about Messiah's return and his rule of peace on earth. Verses 12-16 (the description of war) cannot happen during this time because Messiah's reign is characterized by peace. Another distinctive feature of the prophecy in verses 12-16 is that the war therein described has NOT happened historically. It has not happened yet!

A war between Israel and probably ALL of the Middle East will happen, not just bordering Arab states like Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan. They (that is, the children of Israel ... both Ephraim and Judah) will "fly down upon the shoulder of the Philistines (Palestinians) to the west".  In context Israel will strike against Egypt and Iraq (Assyria) and "plunder the sons of the East".  Israel will control these nations, and evidently, their wealth as a result of the plundering. Lexicographically, the "people of the East" include the Arab nations of Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Kuwait, Bahrain, UAE, and others.

It is very evident here in this passage ... see verse 14 ... that Israel will control the East Bank of Jordan (Ammon, Moab, and Edom). This happened in Joshua's time and it has NOT happened SINCE the days of Isaiah. This is a future prophecy that WILL happen!

In the next podcast I will discuss HOW this will take place! Don't miss it!


Right now, I want to discuss some things that are currently taking place in the world.

A financial collapse and worldwide recession is about to take place. Food shortage is becoming manifest in many countries. A financial collapse accelerates the move toward a world money system. Right now there are 144,000 Jewish male prophets (12,000 from each of the tribes of Israel) being prepared to usher in the return of Messiah Yeshua for the establishment of His Kingdom.  Remember, before the 144,000 Jewish male prophets of God are to be marked, their will be a time of 1. Peace; then, 2. War; then, 3. Hyper inflation; then, 4. Death. This fourth devastation ... death ... will result in one fourth ... 25% ... of the world’s population dead. They will die from fighting, famine, disease, and wild beasts.

Those who push for a  New World Order don’t realize it, but they are simply pawns in the hands of Satan. For example, look at the following quote:

    "One-fourth of humanity must be eliminated from the social body. We are in charge of God's selection process for planet earth. He selects, we destroy. We are the riders of the pale horse, Death." 

The above quote was spoken by Psychologist Barbara Marx Hubbard, Member and futurist/strategist of Task Force Delta; a United States Army think tank. (Read Revelation Chapter Six in the Brit Chadasha.)


Satan needs the New World Order so that he can possess the body of the New World Leader, who will be none other than the False Messiah (the anti-Christ, or Beast) who will deceive the nation of Israel. This coming world leader of the NWO will make a treaty with Israel for seven years and allow the Jews to build their Temple on the Temple Mount. However, in the middle of the seven years (after 42 months have passed) he will go into the Temple and blaspheme G-d, even stating that he is god.

Then a time of great persecution for the Jews will begin ... greater than the Holocaust under Nazi Germany.

Be alert! Watch and pray! All these things will come to pass before Messiah returns. However, the Good News is that you can know the Messiah personally ... NOW! Pray to the G-d of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Ask Him to reveal to you if Yeshua is really the Messiah. If He does, then receive Yeshua and live for Him. Study His Word. Read the Torah, the Tanach, and the Brit Chadasha. Pray ... ask G-d how He wants you to serve Him.


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