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May 15, 2021

3rd of Sivan, 5781

Prince Handley
President / Regent
University of Excellence


הכלכלה ואיך לשרוד

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The anointing of Ruach HaKodesh (the Holy Spirit) is the PRIMARY CORE SECRET OF POWER. However, there have been—and still are―many of God's People (including rabbis, ministers and business leaders) who have honored and been blessed with The Anointing, but who have failed―that is, broken down―by NOT developing and being strong in the secondary core secrets of power.

The SECONDARY CORE SECRETS OF POWER are TIME, HEALTH and MONEY. The purpose of this teaching is to help you “glide into” and develop these areas of your life. The more we progress through the entrance of the End Times―which “entrance” we are in now―the more we will need to be strong in these areas. And … it is very simple―very easy―to operate in these areas: it just takes a little adjustment and refining of our life styles.




Let me share with you briefly about the secondary core secrets of power … and then we'll move on to WHY you need to be shored up in them soon.


If I steal YOUR time, I steal your life. I taught this to my children when they were young. "When you're out of time ... you're out of life: your body dies!"

Do not forget the importance of Shabbat (Sabbath) … or YOUR “Day of Rest” because it will give you more time to be productive. That's right … if you honor the LORD by keeping one day out of seven as your Day of Rest, you will find that you get more done the other six days. (It's just like tithing; when you pay God his 10%, you will always get more back from your 90%.) Don't get me wrong though―the Day of Rest is NOT something you pay to God―it is a provision FROM God for your rest, relaxation and remembrance of His blessings.

Often, the elements of opposition and resistance that come against you from other people―or from demonic spirit forces―will drain your time as well as your energy.

Do NOT let frustration rob you out of your time―and out of God's blessings.

Stop letting little things―especially “toys”―invade your time and steal your peace and productivity. How much time do you waste on social media, smart phones, tablets and stock twits that you could use effectively in REST and PRESERVATION OF CAPITAL (money). I'm NOT talking about using socIal media for the LORD or for your relaxation or for business―I'm talking about wasting time with frivolous interaction on social media. (I have 17 social media accounts but I only use one for relaxation.)

Take time to rest, read and reflect. Above all, take time to LISTEN to God.


You can NOT serve God effectively if you do not feel well.

Eat right … exercise right … think right. Listen, see and speak right. Remember the three monkeys you learned about in grade school: "Hear no evil; see no evil; and speak no evil?" In clandestine op situations―like Sayeret Egoz Special Forces and US Navy Seal operations―you must learn to observe the environment: to size it up. It is the same with YOUR every day life. Stop, look and listen. What's going on? Is something “out of place” … stealing your peace? Get back on track. The faster you get back on track, the LESS STRESS you will have in life … and you will be more effective in serving God productively.

Scriptural fasting and honoring the LORD's day, or Sabbath, contribute to a proper mental attitude, and are laws of God with built-in bonuses of health and blessing. Read Isaiah Chapter 58.


You will access―or already have access to―purchasing power through the agency of MIRACLES ... or cash (including crypto) ... or hard asset accumulation.

The anointing is THE PRIMARY CORE SECRET OF POWER. You must have the anointing of the Holy Spirit. Do NOT put education, wealth, social standing or social “clout” above The Anointing. After you have The Anointing, you must MAINTAIN it.

The presence of God is to be treasured above all else. Spend time alone―listening―to the voice of the LORD. Honor the Holy Spirit. Daniel honored God and God honored Daniel. (Read the Book of Daniel.)

There are HARD TIMES coming:

  In the economy.

  In persecution of believers (both Jewish and Christian).

  In natural calamities.

  In terrorism.

I want to cover just one of these areas briefly―the economy. God has assigned me to help you prepare for the coming economic "adjustment!" As I mentioned above, purchasing power comes through any or all of the following: MIRACLES ... or cash (including crypto) ... or hard asset accumulation.



Remember that I have told you that both inflation and deflation may happen: at different times, of course. It would seem that from all the money (currency) printing by the USA FED in recent years that high or hyper Inflation is inevitable. However, inflation requires both money supply and velocity. Velocity is basically the “churning cycle” of money from spender to receiver … and then that receiver spending money to another receiver … and, so on.


The gross value of all the goods and services in the US economy is money supply times velocity. It is what is called the Gross Domestic Product, or GDP. When money supply times velocity is greater than the normal GDP then the excess manifests as inflation. While money supply has been greatly increased in recent years by the FED (via printing) the velocity, or spending by consumers has NOT increased substantially to produce inflation.


The danger lies in what is referred to as “psychological” or “expected” inflation caused by changes in spending habits by the public AND coupled with government increased excess spending. It can very quickly spiral. I, personally, believe that we are in danger in the future of hyper-inflation. The purchasing power of your dollar would be greatly decreased in such a situation.


WARNING: So, what's a girl to do? Prepare for BOTH inflation and deflation.


Do NOT get yourself―or your family, business, or service for God―into a position where you are on a “gristmill” working to maintain and NOT to be creative. Georges St-Pierre, Mixed Martial Arts champion, says it well: “You can tell when your enemy is defeated mentally because he is fighting NOT to lose instead of fighting to WIN.” Are YOU fighting to maintain … or are you fighting to WIN?!


I have listed three books below to help you with time, health and money ... through faith:


TIME: Victory Over Opposition and Resistance

HEALTH: Health and Healing: Complete Guide to Wholeness

MONEY: Resurrection Multiplication


Listen to your “peace monitor” and make any necessary changes. Schedule time to rest and listen to God, to create, to help others … and to enjoy life. God has called you to the most important task; and that task is: WHAT He has called YOU to do.


Baruch haba b'Shem Adonai.


Your friend,
Prince Handley
President / Regent
University of Excellence

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