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Apr 8, 2008

PODCAST SATELLITE  /  The Voice of Israel
with Prince Handley

Prince Handley


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Israel is seeking economic favor and ties with the EU. The EU, Islam, and the New World Order will be the platform upon which the false messiah, the coming world dictator, will arise. Then, the coming world religious leader - the false prophet - will legislate that you must have an RFID implant to buy, sell, or trade. You will first be enticed by convenience and retail accommodations to do this. When you try to resist the NWO, and retain your Jewishness, your chip will be shut off. It will be worse for you than the Holocaust under Nazi Germany! Do NOT take this implant or laser ... the “mark? of the Beast. You can never be with G-d in Heaven if you do!

In a news report this last week ...
The EU hails Israel for enthusiastic cooperation ...

Israeli-European economic ties are growing as the parties seek to speedily integrate the strong and expanding Israeli economy into the huge European market, according to EU officials.

The Preface of the NEW Constitution For Europe states that it’s purpose is to: 1. Bring citizens closer to the European design; 2. Organize politics; and, 3. develop ... a model in the new world order.

In a previous podcast titled "Babylon, the Harlot, Exposed," we discussed the Scripture shows that after G-d set apart the nation of Israel as a separate people there would be seven (7) empires that would be prominent in world history before Messiah returns. These are as follows:

    1. Egypt
    2. Assyria
    3. Babylon (the 2nd Babylonian Empire)
    4. Medo-Persia
    5. Greece
    6. Rome
    7. An empire from the geographic confines of the old Roman empire.

(You might want to study the show notes of that podcast: 2008-03-18.)

The seventh empire, the geographic confines of the old Roman Empire, will be composed of much of modern day Europe, the Mediterranean countries (including North Africa) and part of the Middle East; and will be the sling from which the anti-messiah ... the false Messiah ... will be thrust.

The revived Roman Empire – the empire from the geographic confines of the old Roman empire – is NOW in existence under the backing and support of the European Union (EU). This super empire will form the basis for the last one world order: the New World Order. It will likely have member Islamic nations in concurrent control.

As I explained in a previous podcast, Islam will likely be the catalyst which will bring about the one world government. Islam is the Number 1 force in the drive to one world government. Islamic terrorism will be the active agent to frighten people into wanting a one world governing body.

Things have been prepared for 60 years ... since 1948 ... for the coming world dictator, the leader of the New world Order. In 1948, three things happened:

    1. The establishment of the State of Israel;
    2. The first meeting that would lead to the establishment of the EU; and,
    3. The formation of the World Council of Churches.

The EU will form the basis, politically and militarily, for the New world Government and its leader: the anti-messiah, or the false messiah.

The World Council of Churches will build the framework for the One World, or New World, religious system, and its leader: the false prophet. The WCC, aligning itself with the false religions of the world – Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism, New Age, etc. – will be diametrically opposed to the worship of the ONE G-D: Yahweh, the Holy One of Israel.

Israel, the World Council of Churches is your enemy. Do NOT trust any rabbi, priest, or minister who says otherwise!

In the Tanach, the Prophet Daniel tells that when Messiah returns, there will be an alliance of ten (10) kings or regions (Daniel 2:44).The New World Order, organized from the confines of the Old Roman Empire, will have ten (10) key members: nations or regions. It’s interesting to note that the following groups – all who promote a one world alliance – divide up the world into ten (10) regions:

    The Trilateral Commission;
    The Council on Foreign Relation;
    The Bilderbergers; and,
    The Club of Rome.

While European officials seek commercial ties for economic reasons, the bilateral discussion with Israel also includes issues of Palestinian mobility.

Israel, the EU is your enemy! Anyone who says you need them to grow economically is deceived!

Israeli government ministries are working together on integration, and hosting European experts on different issues including data protection in order to bring Israel's governance and economic systems to European levels. Watch out, Israel, the next BIG step will be sharing RFID transaction data with the EU. Then, they will be able to track you ... individually ... and more efficiently than Hitler did. You might want to listen to the show I did four podcasts ago titled, “How Big Brother Is Ready to Track You.? (2008-03-17)

Remember, Israel it’s not the European Union that gives you power to get wealth, and neither is it your own economic acumen. But ... “You shall remember the LORD your G-d for it is He that gives you power to get wealth, that He may establish His covenant which He swore to your fathers.? (TORAH: Deuteronomy 8:18.)

Israel, you don’t need the EU, the UN, the USA, the New world Order; you need only the G-d of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob: YHWH, THE Holy One of Israel. Trust Him today.
If you are NOT sure you know Him, then pray this prayer:

“God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob ... if Yeshua is really my Messiah, then reveal Him to me ... and I will accept Him into my life.?

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